I’m Tony. I’m a 38 year old Consultant,Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger and Podcaster.


I help Executives, Managers, Practitioners and Volunteers, Understand, Develop and Implement Strategies and Approaches to Effectively Engage with Young People.


I’m also the Founding Director here at Youth Work Toolbox Ltd.

A private Youth Sector Organisation that exists to ensure that young people across the globe receive the highest quality of youth provision.


We provide access to high quality youth work professionals on a casual /supply basis.

We also provide a range of Products to help practitioners engage more effective with young people.

“Equipping one Generation to Serve the Next”


My passion is to equip those who want to engage with young people, giving them the knowledge, skills, strategies and techniques to help them establish and nurture relationships with young people, making a positive impact in their lives.


I’ve benefited personally from participating in good quality youth provision, and my goal is to ensure that services for young people continue to improve.


As you get to know me you will hear me talk about my experience of participating in youth provision growing up.


From making clay ashtrays for my mom on the Playbus, to building rope-swings and raised platforms at the adventure playground, to then being introduced to DJ’ing and Music production through my local youth centre.


My life is full of wonderful experiences gained via good (but not always great) youth provision, and many of these experiences have given me a range of skills which I have been able to further develop and draw on in many areas of my life.


My wife Nicola and I have been is married for over 12 years and have 4 children together.



  • That Youth work can make a valuable impact in the lives of those who engage. (Because I have experienced this myself)
  • That Youth work can and should be continually improving to meet the needs of young people.
  • That by sharing our skills, knowledge and experiences, we can equip one generation to serve the next.



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Youth Work Toolbox was established in February 2012.


My intention in creating the Youth Work Toolbox is to give people who currently work with young people and those who have a desire to work with young people, a practical, user friendly resource to support them in planning and delivering  high quality youth provision.


Whether you have been in youth work for 2 decades, 2 years or 2 months, we can all do something to improve our practice, and raise the standard of the provision delivered to young people.



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