It has been a great year and it’s hard to believe Youth Work Toolbox has achieved so much in just twelve months. We’ve been privileged to have worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of young people in and around the West Midlands and there really is no better feeling than ending the year knowing that we have helped all those young people along the way to fulfilling their potential and achieving what we know they really can achieve.

It’s difficult for me to pick out the highlights because whenever there have been challenges we have tweaked the way we work, how we will deliver a session, to make it fit for the purpose of the young people and their setting. Those sessions are usually those which become the most beneficial – both for the young people or the adult participants, as well as for us as the training providers and youth workers.

Every session Youth Work Toolbox runs is an opportunity for us to learn and grow as an organisation – as you might have read in our Communication Is King blog in November. No two young people are the same and so no two workshops can be the same either. By constantly evolving – growing, learning, listening and understanding – Youth Work Toolbox is able to bring the best sessions to your organisation. And I hope that we can share some of this best practice with you next year.

Have a well-deserved rest this holiday and I look forward to working with you in 2017.

Tony Brown
Founder, Youth Work Toolbox


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“I’m looking forward to doing many more Student Enrichment workshops in schools across the country next year.”

Tony Brown, Founder, Youth Work Toolbox


Student Enrichment Workshops: Willenhall E-Act Academy

Delivering our Student Enrichment workshops to a whole school over a five week period earlier this year was amazing!

We engaged with over 1500 students from Year 8 through to Year 12. Initially, I was a little overwhelmed by the group size (there was approximately 260 in each group!), but as the sessions went on, I made a few tweaks to ensure we made the right impact. One major tweak was to incorporate the use of a PA system and a microphone.

To see the “penny drop” and the “light bulb moment” take place in a young person is a wonderful experience.

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Challenges of working with older young people

Podcast: The Challenges of Working With Older Young People


In this podcast of Youth Work Toolbox, we explore some of the challenges of working with older young people.

As a youth worker you will face challenges when it comes to engaging young people. Most UK youth services are aimed at young people between 9 and 19 years old. However, young people aged 17 – 19 can be a little more challenging to engage.

Some of the older young people still like to attend youth centers in their areas. But if the youth center has nothing planned for their specific age group, they may start to disengage and even behave inappropriately. They may cause trouble because they are bored.

As a youth worker, it’s your role to make the Youth Center engaging and enjoyable for both the younger and older people who are attending.

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Workforce Development Training


We recently delivered a half day training session to a team of Pastoral Staff on Student Anger Management and Conflict Resolution.

Although the topic is quite heavy, and the window of time allocated was tight, our training approach made the session very practical. The team went away with strategies and approaches they could implement into their day to day practice.

Feedback from the session was extremely positive, and Youth Work Toolbox has since been booked to go back and deliver a second training day with a focus on Restorative Approaches.


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Student Testimonial

“I remember you!!

You came into assembly and spoke to us about reaching our goals – it was good!”

Year 9 student from Harborne Academy (5 months after the session).