Nick’s story…Fair chances: How youth work helps young people to brighter futures

When I cast my mind back to some of the hundreds of young people I have been privileged to work with during my career in youth work, there’s one young man who always stands out. He is an example of just how much a person’s future can change if they are given a fair chance.

Pushing […]

7 Benefits I Received from Volunteering Recently: Note: Number 6 is Priceless.

In May 2014, I saw a post on Twitter about a UK Podcasters conference coming soon.
As a Podcaster myself, I excitedly clicked on the link to find more details.

I was even more excited to find out that the conference would be taking place in Birmingham, which is only a 30-40 minute drive from my house.

Instantly I thought to myself, I have to get involved.

There was no way the first ever Podcast conference in Europe could take place so close to home, and I’m not involved.


YWTB018: Distinction & Excellence With Onyi Anyado

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How can a youth worker be Distinct?
Does someone need to have first hand experience of attending youth provision to be an effective youth practitioner?
In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Onyi Anyado.

A double award-winning Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Life Coach,  who specialises in leadership development, entrepreneurship and youth impact coaching.

Onyi has a lifelong mission to positively inspire, impact, instruct and influence the previous, present and future generations through all he does.





Onyi has overcome real adversary, escaping the dangers related to Urban Street life and gang culture, including 6 of his friends being shot dead, him nearly being shot and serving 2 prison sentences.






Youth works Innovation Problem and what you can do about it.

There are a few things more demoralising than working in an sector that is clearly in decline.