In this video blog, I share a momentous moment with you.


The unboxing of my new product Early Help Mate.






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Early Help, Early Intervention, Targeted Youth Support, Prevention, Family Support, Family Intervention, Area Family Support……..

Whatever the title, there has alway been a need to provide some Children, Young People and Families additional support, early, preventing issues getting worse.


However, conducting an accurate and effective assessment can be time consuming, with a number of barriers to overcome.


Communicating with those whom English is not first language, children and young people and those with learning difficulties and disabilities can also prove challenging.


It is very easy for both professionals and clients to misunderstand and misinterpret what is being said or suggested.


I developed Early Help Mate as an Assessment Enhancement Tool that helps practitioners communicate clearly and effectively, reducing the amount of time spent conducting an assessment. Ensuring more time can be spent addressing and supporting unmet needs.


It helps ensure that communication is clear on both sides at every stage of the Early Help Journey.


Have you ever faced any barriers when conducting an assessment?


What would have helped you overcome them?


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