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Youth Work Toolbox was recently contacted by a local academy in Walsall after it heard about the effective group impact workshops we run in schools to help students achieve their aspirations and meet their potential.

These highly interactive sessions are usually 45 minutes long and can be delivered to year groups of up to 150 students […]

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YWTB020 – Review of My First Year in Self Employment

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What happens when you walk away from a £40,000+ a year job to start your own business?

In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox I review my first 12 month in Self Employment.

I take some time to share with you, very openly, my journey from employee to business owner, and the many challenges that I faced along the […]

Youth works Innovation Problem and what you can do about it.

There are a few things more demoralising than working in an sector that is clearly in decline.

Announcing and Unboxing My New Product – Early Help Mate


In this video blog, I share a momentous moment with you.


The unboxing of my new product Early Help Mate.





You can find out more about the product here:



Early Help, Early Intervention, Targeted Youth Support, Prevention, Family Support, Family Intervention, Area Family Support……..


YWTB:012 – Overcoming Adversity With Miguel Dean

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YWTB:012 – Overcoming Adversity With Miguel Dean

Life can throw up a number of barriers and hurdles, not only in the life of young people, but in the life of those that work with them.


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Speaker, Mentor, Youth coach and Author, Miguel Dean and explore how we can overcome adversity and achieve our goals and at the same time encourage and inspire young people to do the same.



Miguel facilitates learning and inspires through designing and facilitating bespoke projects with schools, colleges, county councils, charities, community groups, homeless sector and care organisations.





YWTB 011: Youth Leadership with Errol Lawson

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YWTB 011: Youth Leadership with Errol Lawson


Young People are our future leaders, but they need to be nurtured and guided.


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Speaker, Executive coach, Author and Trainer, Errol Lawson and explore how positive change in the life of a young person is possible.

Errol specialise in working with  young people in schools and colleges to motivate, encourage and inspire them to overcome their barriers and reach their full potential.


Over the last 15 years Errol has worked with schools, churches, organisations and individuals in the UK, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.



Redundancy – 7 simple strategies to help you face it without being overcome with fear (Warning: One of them may make you want to leave work now!)

(Warning: One of them may make you want to leave work now!)

Ok, it’s time for what I call a ‘Pull yourself together man’ slap in the face.
Here you go; In the next 6 -12 months, a large number of youth workers employed by local authority youth service will be facing redundancy.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Coach


7 Powerful actions you can take now to stand out from your colleagues.

One in four of the UK’s youth services face massive cuts of between 20-40 per cent, while some authorities intend on getting rid of their youth services completely.


Many voluntary organisations that provide services for young people have said programmes will be cut, and local authority chiefs predict that youth service budgets will be slashed by £100 million, leading to the loss of 3,000 full-time youth worker jobs!

Given the current landscape, the stakes are high as many workers are having to consider preparing to re-apply for their jobs.

To stand out in such a competitive field you are really going to have to “up your game”

Here are 7 powerful actions you can take to help you to stand out from your colleagues without having to back stab or pull anybody else down.


How to deal with professional snobbery.

Is Youth Work regarded as a second class profession?

Before I get into the content of this post I must state that I have the utmost respect for teachers and social workers and those in a similar role and this is not an attack on those professionals.