YWTB023: Managing and Maintaining Personal and Professional Boundaries

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Personal and Professional Boundaries.
Why you should maintain them.
In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox, we explore how you can manage and maintain Personal and Professional Boundaries in youth work.
Personal and Professional boundaries are vital in youth work because of the nature of the work we do.

Youth workers are engaged in a relationship with young people […]

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YWTB020 – Review of My First Year in Self Employment

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What happens when you walk away from a £40,000+ a year job to start your own business?

In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox I review my first 12 month in Self Employment.

I take some time to share with you, very openly, my journey from employee to business owner, and the many challenges that I faced along the […]

7 Benefits I Received from Volunteering Recently: Note: Number 6 is Priceless.

In May 2014, I saw a post on Twitter about a UK Podcasters conference coming soon.
As a Podcaster myself, I excitedly clicked on the link to find more details.

I was even more excited to find out that the conference would be taking place in Birmingham, which is only a 30-40 minute drive from my house.

Instantly I thought to myself, I have to get involved.

There was no way the first ever Podcast conference in Europe could take place so close to home, and I’m not involved.


YWTB018: Distinction & Excellence With Onyi Anyado

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How can a youth worker be Distinct?
Does someone need to have first hand experience of attending youth provision to be an effective youth practitioner?
In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Onyi Anyado.

A double award-winning Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Life Coach,  who specialises in leadership development, entrepreneurship and youth impact coaching.

Onyi has a lifelong mission to positively inspire, impact, instruct and influence the previous, present and future generations through all he does.





Onyi has overcome real adversary, escaping the dangers related to Urban Street life and gang culture, including 6 of his friends being shot dead, him nearly being shot and serving 2 prison sentences.






Youth works Innovation Problem and what you can do about it.

There are a few things more demoralising than working in an sector that is clearly in decline.

Announcing and Unboxing My New Product – Early Help Mate


In this video blog, I share a momentous moment with you.


The unboxing of my new product Early Help Mate.





You can find out more about the product here:



Early Help, Early Intervention, Targeted Youth Support, Prevention, Family Support, Family Intervention, Area Family Support……..


YWTB:013 – The Art of Youth Coaching with Master Coach Bob Singha

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YWTB:013 – The Art of Youth Coaching with Master Coach Bob Singha

Youth Work… Mentoring… Youth Coaching…..
What’s the difference??
Are they not all the same????

In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Master Youth Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Co-host of the popular podcast, I Love Youth Work, Bob Singha, and explore how Youth Coaching differs from the rest and how many practitioners don’t even know it.


Bob co-wrote, designed and trained on the world’s first fully accredited Youth Coaching Courses and helped to inspired a whole new field of coaching and personal development.
He has also pioneered support projects that blended young peoples personal and community development with cultural arts such as graffiti, digital music and video production.



YWTB:012 – Overcoming Adversity With Miguel Dean

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YWTB:012 – Overcoming Adversity With Miguel Dean

Life can throw up a number of barriers and hurdles, not only in the life of young people, but in the life of those that work with them.


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Speaker, Mentor, Youth coach and Author, Miguel Dean and explore how we can overcome adversity and achieve our goals and at the same time encourage and inspire young people to do the same.



Miguel facilitates learning and inspires through designing and facilitating bespoke projects with schools, colleges, county councils, charities, community groups, homeless sector and care organisations.





YWTB 011: Youth Leadership with Errol Lawson

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YWTB 011: Youth Leadership with Errol Lawson


Young People are our future leaders, but they need to be nurtured and guided.


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Speaker, Executive coach, Author and Trainer, Errol Lawson and explore how positive change in the life of a young person is possible.

Errol specialise in working with  young people in schools and colleges to motivate, encourage and inspire them to overcome their barriers and reach their full potential.


Over the last 15 years Errol has worked with schools, churches, organisations and individuals in the UK, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.



YWTB 007: Youth Worker As Manager – Part 1: What is Management?

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Youth Worker as Manager

In this episode, Tony responds to the requests of his listeners and introduces the first instalment in a series of podcasts focusing on management within the youth sector.
He answers the question; What is management, and explores the main function areas in the role of a manger.

In the Take Away Tool segment; Tony offers a Time Management Tip.

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