New-YWTB-Thumb-artworkShould Youth Workers Make Referrals to other agencies? – Plus a Big Announcement!!




So, I’m with a colleague from a Substance misuse service and we’re looking at the number of referrals they have received over the last 12 months.

As we look closer at the data, it becomes clear that they had received very few, to be honest, almost no referrals from the Youth Workers in the service.


Other professional who work with young people, such as Advice and guidance, and Target youth support staff had made referrals but not the youth workers.


I was stumped!!


This caused a lengthy discussion tying to understand the reasons why.


I tried my best the give a rational as to why I thought the numbers where so low, but I just cold not give a justifiable and validated reason, other than… They just can’t be bothered.


I hope this is not the case, but after looking at all the possible reasons, that’s where we ended up.

So, I need to hear from you.

Why Don’t Youth Workers Make Referrals to other agencies?

I want to hear your experience of making referrals to other agencies.

Have you had a time when you knew a young person require some additional support but you didn’t refer them?


I want to know what stopped you.

I’m not trying to make someone out to be a bad youth worker, I just want to hear the reasons.

Post a comment below now.