7 Benefits I Received from Volunteering Recently: Note: Number 6 is Priceless.

In May 2014, I saw a post on Twitter about a UK Podcasters conference coming soon.
As a Podcaster myself, I excitedly clicked on the link to find more details.

I was even more excited to find out that the conference would be taking place in Birmingham, which is only a 30-40 minute drive from my house.

Instantly I thought to myself, I have to get involved.

There was no way the first ever Podcast conference in Europe could take place so close to home, and I’m not involved.


YWTB:016 – Anti Youth Violence With Ray Douglas

Listen To This Episode Now. (1:01:37)


Diversionary Vs Transformative work; Which  is most effective? What is the difference? 

In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Ray Douglas, Core facilitator at The National Anti Youth Violence programme.

A Non for profit organisation that deliver hard-hitting workshops developed in response to the rise in gang related violence within UK youth culture.

Ray founded Gangology and is currently authoring 2 books related to youth violence and gang culture.



Ray shares his approach to educating practitioners and young people of the risks of gang affiliation, and responding to the wave of youth violence.







7 Reasons Why You Need a Coach


7 Powerful actions you can take now to stand out from your colleagues.

One in four of the UK’s youth services face massive cuts of between 20-40 per cent, while some authorities intend on getting rid of their youth services completely.


Many voluntary organisations that provide services for young people have said programmes will be cut, and local authority chiefs predict that youth service budgets will be slashed by £100 million, leading to the loss of 3,000 full-time youth worker jobs!

Given the current landscape, the stakes are high as many workers are having to consider preparing to re-apply for their jobs.

To stand out in such a competitive field you are really going to have to “up your game”

Here are 7 powerful actions you can take to help you to stand out from your colleagues without having to back stab or pull anybody else down.


How to deal with professional snobbery.

Is Youth Work regarded as a second class profession?

Before I get into the content of this post I must state that I have the utmost respect for teachers and social workers and those in a similar role and this is not an attack on those professionals.


7 Tips for Surviving the Four Evening Youth Work Week.

Being a youth worker is an extremely rewarding job, in fact, has been the best job I have ever had.

In the past I have worked in some uninspiring jobs such as car body repair, aluminium die casting, Tele-sales and worked 12 hour shifts in a food processing factory. All the while, I maintained a connection with my local youth centre, but just never considered youth work as a career.