What People Are Saying About Tony.

Excellent work with the group.

The feedback I had from students was very positive.

The team are now running some small group and individual sessions for targeted students.

Ute Hughes – Pastoral and Progress Leader – Black Country University Technical College


Tony and his Toolbox Team came in to work with our year 10 students earlier on in the school year.

Their workshop was immensely inspiring not only to all the students who were lucky enough to work with the guys, but also the staff who observed.

They were professional eager and informed; from the outset they were able to grab the attention of boisterous teenagers.

Tony’s passion is electric, inspiring and, intriguing to watch. The students were enthused and engaged throughout, actively taking part and interacting comfortably with Tony and the team.

I am positive that his message will have a lasting effect and in turn help steer the youngsters in the right direction on the journey to their prosperous futures.

I myself was very inspired!

Sara Bladen – Teacher – Black Country University Technical College


Tony is very creative, passionate and hard working.

He has been a vital part of developing Positive Activities and raising the profile for Integrated Young Peoples Support Services (IYPSS).

I also appreciated and valued our professional discussions.

Isabel Vanderheeren – Strategic Lead – Early Help



A true Professional!

Tony is supportive and challenging at the same time.

Tony is a highly creative professional that staff and young people trust, respect and rely on.

He has a can do attitude, coupled with a respect of the meaningful involvement of young people…..

He is able to plan and deliver projects/programmes that young people want to participate in.

Imran Suddle – Senior Area Youth Worker




Tony is very passionate about young people and you can see this in the work he does.

Tony has an ability to motivate people, strong leadership, passionate about having clear outcomes and being an advocate for young people.

Tony is an excellent role model for young people and will always put 110% into making communities a safer and better place.

He organised an event for the young people excluded from Mainstream Education which was a great success, bringing a wide variety of agencies together to promote community cohesion…… my young people loved it.

Gail Clarke – New Leaf Centre – Pupil Referral Unit.




Working with Tony was never difficult.

Unlike many others who I have worked with on recruitment campaigns, Tony always focused on doing something better and creating a climate of continuous improvement.

He never relied on the ‘easy option’.

Tony is skilled in the coaching, mentoring and development of others, creating a developmental climate and growing people.

He is Professional, Enthused and Effective.

David Duncombe – Senior Recruitment & Retention Adviser




Tony and I worked together on a Youth Service Work redesign

I found him to be Positive and task orientated, Calm under pressure, able to look at all options available

He is knowledgeable, tenacious and works hard to complete the task in hand.

Alberto Mendoncia – Senior Personnel Advisor




I worked with Tony on implementing a young people’s drug & alcohol screening tool amongst youth workers in Walsall

Tony is straightforward to work with & gets things done

Tony communicates well with his peers, senior managers & young people and is innovative in his thinking,

He is Creative, honest and trustworthy

He cares about the young people who have used his services and for his colleagues too.

David Neale – Programme Development & Commissioning Manager – Public Health




Working with Tony was an enjoyable learning and growing experience for the team.

He is Professional, Organised and thorough.

Suzanne Snape – Positvie Activities




Tony is knowledgeable and confident, with the experience and the ability to organise workshops and events.

He also has the ability to act as an advisor to fellow communication officers.
Jo Stewart – Communications Manager – Communications & Marketing (Resources)




Working with Tony was a really positive experience.

He was able to identify gaps within the service and work with partners in addressing these gaps.

He provided diversionary positive activities for young people in the Area Partnership.

Tony really understand his area of work, and easily relates to the needs of young people and is able to see a vision that youth services should aspire to.

Tony is conscientious, hard working and is able to easily translate ideas into reality.

Ranjit Kaur – Area Manager – Communities & Partnerships




Tony is very genuine in his approach, he is friendly and has good sense of humour.

Tony is able to push the boundaries and take risks when nobody else does.

His work has been a major part in the journey of improvement for Positive Activities and will have long lasting effects.
Victoria Paddock – Operational Admin Officer




Tony is a strong leader who is dedicated to improving the lives of young people.

Fiona Campbell – IYPSS – Positive Activities




Tony is an innovative and forward thinking manager who is prepared to work outside the normal scope

Tony will not just accept the norm and is both able and capable of looking for new ways to either get better results or just to offer an improved service to young people.

Anne-Marie Millard – Senior Recruitment & Retention Advisor