How You Can Absolutely Eliminate
Student Apathy From Your School
in 8 Weeks or Less.

PPP bundle




1 x 12 month Personal Development Toolkit Authorised Partner Licence
(£350 per year – one per establishment)

30 x 86 page Personal Potential Portfolios
A4 Spiral Bound Student Workbook
(one required per participant) = £1350

5 x Copies of Accompanying DVD  = £75

Motivational Instructional Videos to bring the exercises to life.

1 x 1 hour Group Impact Session*
(up to 30 participants)  = £350

High Impact Motivational Talk to up to 30 students at your establishment

30 hours of 1-2-1 Youth Coaching*
Additional Staff support from a trained
Youth Work Toolbox Practitioner   = £1200

1 x Half Day Training*
How To Reduce Student Apathy and Increase Motivation and Attainment 
(up to 20 Staff delegates) = £450

Plus: Full web access to online resources including;
Video Training files and Electronic Downloadable / Printable Portfolio worksheets


(Saving you £475)

*Group Impact, Coaching and Staff training sessions only available in UK based Schools.



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and absolutely eradicate apathy from young people you engage with for good!







A Decrease In Apathy Amongst Students
Improved Attitude Towards Learning
Increased Motivation To Learn
Increased Desire To Achieve
Improved Student Engagement
Increased Capacity Of Support Staff
Improved Student / Teacher Relationships
Positive Learning Environment
Increased Attainment Levels
Happier Students
Happier Staff




100%, No Questions Asked, Guarantee

We personally guarantee that if you do not see positive results
among the young people that commit to using
The Personal Potential Portfolio, including, but not limited to;

A decrease in apathy
Improved attitude towards learning
Increased motivation
Increased desire to achieve
Increased attainment levels


We will refund the entire cost of the Toolkit
for each and every young person who can not demonstrate
any positive outcomes after completing the programme.


Actually, We are that confident that you’ll see positive outcomes
that we will give you a double protection promise.



If at any time during the 12 months licence period,
you sincerely believe that The Personal Development Toolkit
falls short in any way on delivering everything promised,
we’ll be happy to give you a complete refund of the licence fee.


Even if it’s on the last day of the twelfth month!


Please note:
This special launch price of
£3300 is only available until
5:00pm on Friday 31 October 2014,
after which the
will return to its full price of £3775.



Click the link below to secure your
and absolutely eradicate apathy from young people you engage with for good!






Ordering Process

1. Click the link to send us an order placement request.
(NOTE: No payment is required at this point in the process, we’re just gathering your details)


Please include the following details in your order request;
* Full name of your establishment (School / college etc)
* Full Name and contact details of person who will handle the order


2. Once we have received your request, our Client Services Team will contact
the designated person in your organisation to gather more details and process your order.

3. We will send a formal quote to your finance department.

4. You will send us a purchase order which will secure your bundle.

5. We will ship your order within 10 days of receiving a purchase order.

6. An invoice will be emailed on the day of shipment, Payable within 30 days.


Remember, the task of trying to educate a class of apathetic student is emotionally and physically draining and more funding, better textbooks, smaller class sizes, or any other school improvement will have little to no positive effect on schools if students simply do not want to learn.


The Personal Development Toolkit is designed to
absolutely eradicate apathy from young people for good.


The Personal Potential Portfolio was created to
help young people, at any stage in their lives,
regardless of their situation or circumstances,
to develop a much clearer vision about
what their gifts, talents and passions are,
and what steps they need to take to reach and operate at their full potential.


The Personal Potential Portfolio has been strategically designed
to awaken young people to an awareness of their personal responsibility
for their future success or failure,
thus replacing apathy for
an eagerness, excitement and passion to succeed.


The Toolkit will equip young people to clearly map out
the route that best suits them and the actions they need to take
to reach their desired destination.


As they work through each section
they will develop a clear, easy to follow personal action plan,
which they can refer to and refine as they work towards their goals.






The Toolkit works by replacing the burden of responsibility
and the liability of a failed future back into the hand of the young people.

While at the same time equipping them with an action plan
to enable them to take more purposeful
and strategic steps along their journey,
and help them to identify and avoid
the many barriers that can slow them down.


The Portfolio has been purposely designed to be
adaptable to any given situation and circumstance,
making it relevant to all young people
from primary school age right the way through
to post 16 and young adults.


The Personal Potential Portfolio is Broken up in to 10 sections,
making it easy for both the young person and the practitioner
to navigate through.



Each section has multiple exercise worksheets,
ensuring that there is something that every young person can work through.


The exercise worksheets are simple to understand and complete,
making working through the Portfolio effortless.



Each section concludes with a personal journal,
which encourages the young person to
reflect on what the topics covered mean to them and
to identify the key actions they can take,
making it easy for you to monitor and evidence progress.


Personal Potential - Action plan.001.png.001

The action plan is a good visual aid,
and when completed can be displayed and referred to daily,
helping the young person keep their goals and actions in clear view,
placing them at the forefront of their mind,
and not hidden away in a folder somewhere.


With a Personal Development Toolkit Licence you also get
access to electronic downloadable versions of the Personal Potential Portfolio.

PPP-5-DVD-discs.001The accompanying videos will also guide
the young person through each section and provide
motivation and inspiration to the user.



You can eradicate that apathy within the individual students.
You can have students with positive attitudes towards learning,
increased motivation, an increased desire to achieve, and increased attainment levels.
If you are serious about truly equipping your young people to succeed,
then give them the tools to do it.


PPP bundle

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PS, don’t forget that this is a limited time offer.
So to get your
at the special launch price of £3300,
you must place your order before 5:00pm on Friday 31 October 2014,
after this the bundle will return to its full price of £3775.





Tony is a highly creative professional that staff and young people trust, respect and rely on.
He has a can do attitude, coupled with a respect of the meaningful involvement of young people.
He is able to plan and deliver projects and programmes that young people want to participate in.
Imran Suddle – Senior Area Youth Worker


Tony is very passionate about young people and you can see this in the work he does.
He has an ability to motivate people, strong leadership,
passionate about having clear outcomes and being an advocate for young people.
He organised an event for young people excluded from Mainstream Education which was a great success,
bringing a wide variety of agencies together to promote community cohesion……
the young people loved it.
Gail Clarke – New Leaf Centre – Pupil Referral Unit.


Tony is skilled in the coaching, mentoring and development of others,
creating a developmental climate and growing people.
He is Professional, Enthused and Effective.
David Duncombe – Senior Recruitment & Retention Adviser


I worked with Tony on implementing a young people’s drug & alcohol screening tool amongst youth workers in Walsall
Tony communicates well with his peers, senior managers & young people and is innovative in his thinking.
He cares about the young people who have used his services and for his colleagues too.
David Neale – Programme Development & Commissioning Manager – Public Health


Tony is knowledgeable and confident, with the experience and
the ability to design and implement a wide range of initiatives.
Jo Stewart – Communications Manager – Communications & Marketing (Resources)


Tony really understands his area of work, and easily relates to the needs of young people
and is able to see a vision that youth services should aspire to.
Tony is conscientious, hard working and is able to easily translate ideas into reality.
Ranjit Kaur – Area Manager – Communities & Partnerships


Tony is able to push the boundaries and take risks when nobody else does.
His work has been a major part in the journey of improvement
for Positive Activities and will have long lasting effects.
Victoria Paddock – Operational Admin Officer


Tony is innovative and forward thinking and is prepared to work outside the normal scope.
Tony will not just accept the norm and is both able and capable of
looking for new ways to either get better results or just to
offer an improved service to young people.
Anne-Marie Millard – Senior Recruitment & Retention Advisor


 PPP bundle

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