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In this episode, Tony brings the second part in the Youth worker as manager series.  The focus here is to explore what skills, qualities and abilities are required to be an effective manager.



An effective manager should possess a specific set of skills and abilities that enables them to influence others to take action. 

Listen to this session to discover: 

  • The difference between Management and Leadership.
  • Why having a management title does not necessarily people will follow you.
  • The essential ability that will give your team piece of mind with you at the helm.
  • The impact your work space has on your management.
  • The biggest hindrance to motivating others.
  • Which quality pulls the team forward during tough times.
  • How a little laughter helps to move the team forward.

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

Herman Stewart – Every Child Needs a Mentor

Matt Lent – Youth Sector Blog

Paul Webster – Cypher Projects

John Maxwell – Leadership 

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