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New-YWTB-Thumb-artworkYWTB:012 – Overcoming Adversity With Miguel Dean


Life can throw up a number of barriers and hurdles, not only in the life of young people, but in the life of those that work with them.


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Speaker, Mentor, Youth coach and Author, Miguel Dean and explore how we can overcome adversity and achieve our goals and at the same time encourage and inspire young people to do the same.




Miguel facilitates learning and inspires through designing and facilitating bespoke projects with schools, colleges, county councils, charities, community groups, homeless sector and care organisations.




Miguel’s training workshops, coaching and motivational speaking are all underpinned by the knowledge that the relationship with our-selves and other human beings is the single most important factor that will determine the quality of life


He is also the author of “Stepping Stones In The Mist – Life Lessons for Overcoming Adversity” which is a moving auto-biographical account of Miguel’s life journey.


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YWTB 012 – Overcoming Adversity With Miguel Dean

Listen to find out:

How Tony had a battle with Self doubt.

Why everyday is a battle!

How circumstances in Miguel’s early years impacted the rest of his life.

How Miguel was able to get out of a dark and destructive lifestyle.

How to win a copy of Stepping Stones in the Mist – Life lessons for overcoming adversity


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