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Can playing games consoles help young people develop new skills?


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we speak to Managing Director & Legal Counsel of LearnPlay Foundation, Ro Hands, and explore how leveraging young people’s interests in gaming and digital-media has proven effective in engaging them in personal development and learning opportunities.





LearnPlay Foundation was established in 2007 and passionately supports schools, communities and alternative education establishments.


– factoring CSR into every project or brief, whilst also servicing clients from Tesco to The Highways Agency.



Film production, editing, computer game programming, design, distribution, direct marketing, promotional activities and implementation; from an army on the street to strategies in the boardroom, LPF holds a strong commercial and civic portfolio.


Today LPF has over 200 dedicated apprentices, working on a variety of projects and programmes with highly experienced managers – following in the successful footsteps of hundreds before them.



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YWTB 014 – Learn Play With Ro Hands

Listen to find out:

What my new intro sounds like!!

Why you need to do a Quarterly Review

Why Ro made a transition from a career in Law to the Youth Sector

Why we need a mechanism to allow partners to fill gaps in the sector

What Ro and Tony have in common related to tech tools

How Centralise youth projects can help pull down the post code boundaries

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