Street Based Youth Work

Why You should be doing it?


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox we discuss the art of Street Based Youth Work – And I also introduce my new Co-Host!!

Oh…. and I also apologise for being missing for almost 8 months!!

I love working with young people in a street based setting. Why? Because it is just so authentic.

Street based work is organic and enables the youth worker to meet young people on their territory and on their terms.

However, many youth workers fear doing Street based work, for a number of different reasons.

And that’s what we’re going to explore in this episode.



Street Based youth work

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Street Based Youth Work is a specific and unique approach to working with young people.

Street Based Youth Work does what it says on the tin –

“Working with young people in a street based setting”, as apposed to in a indoor environment.

This could be anywhere the young pole choose to hang out.

In a park, on the street corner, outside the local shops, in a bus shelter or outside McDonalds.

As with all other styles of youth work, Street Based Work remains true to the principles and practices that underpin youth work to engage young people effectively.

Street Based Youth Work is extremely effective, and in this epodes we discuss why.

Listen to find out:

A bit more about Tony’s new Co-Host – Matt Dittmer.

Why Tony prefers the term Street Based Youth Work rather than Detached Youth Work.

The reasons many youth workers give as to why they dont do Street Based Youth Work.

The biggest fear many workers have of doing Street Based Youth Work.

One of the most effective approaches to build a relationship with young people in a street based setting.