What Are The Benefits of Multi Agency Working?

And What Are The Challenges?


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox, we explore some of the benefits and challenges found in Multi Agency working.

The youth work landscape has changed and still is changing.

Many youth workers find themselves working in new and interesting projects, oftentimes, alongside other professional from different disciplines.

Multi agency working is becoming the norm.

This means that the youth worker has to be equipped to operate effective in a multi agency setting.



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The Young people you work with may need some additional support at a specific time in their lives.

This may be to improve their situations or just to help them reach a desired outcome.

Multi-agency working provides many benefits to young people.

Mainly because they able to access and receive specialist and even bespoke support quickly.

The youth working is a key player in any multi agency team, due to the nature of the relationship they have with a young person.

Listen in on this discussion to hear Tony and his co-host Matt thrash this out topic.


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How you can contribute to the show.

What Matt thinks the youth work landscape will look like in the next 5 years.

The difference between a multi agency meeting and multi agency working.

Why a youth worker can sit boldly around almost any table of professionals.

How to overcome and avoid some of the challenges in multi agency working.

The dangers of “Superhero Syndrome”