Is Your Youth Organisation Using Social Media?


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox, we explore some of the benefits, risks and fears related to using social media to engage with young people.

Social media is not going anywhere, and young people are always going to be ahead of most, when it comes to using new social platforms.


However, many youth organisations are still not using social media platforms effectively to engage with young people.


I find myself continually disappointed when I assess the adoption and use of social media by youth organisations.



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Youth organisations should be right there at the cutting edge. Leaving other organisations with the same target market behind.


Social media has become the native communication platform for many young people today, with online communities being the choice spot for many young people to hang out.


This means that the youth worker has to be equipped to  use social media effectively and to equip young people to keep themselves safe online.



Listen in on this discussion to hear Tony and his co-host Matt thrash this topic out live on the new Live Streaming Platform Blab.


This gives viewers the opportunity to interact and also contribute to the show.


And we had some extremely valuable contributions.


Listen to find out:

What a podcast recorded on Blab sounds like.

Why ALL youth practitioners should have a basic understanding of the most popular social media platforms.

How you can get young people to help you better understand any social media platform.

Why you should be worried about your webcam.

Some interesting and useful stats on how young people are using social media and the internet.

Resources mentioned.

Teens, Technology and Friendships – Youth social media and the internet use Research paper

YWTB010 – My previous Social Media discussion with Katie Bacon