How do you respond effectively to conflict and aggression.


In this episode of Youth Work Toolbox, we explore how to deal with conflict and aggression.

Youth workers are on the front line, working face to face with young people.


If you’ve been in youth work for sometime it is inevitable you are going to face some challenges and potentially conflict and aggression.


Not only from young people – but also within your staff team!!

We are going to give you some practical tips and tricks on how to diffuse and avoid conflict.





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Conflict and aggression in young people is a serious issue that youth workers need to be equipped to respond to.

Young people who behave aggressively may harm not only themselves, but also their families, their communities and society at large.

Research shows us that children with serious aggression problems are more likely than children without such problems to become teenagers who have problems with aggression, other mental health issues or substance use—and as adults they are more likely to engage in acts of violence.

The earlier a young person with an aggression problem is identified and receives help, the greater the chance that the chosen treatment will have lasting benefits.

Aggression is an action or threat of action that is intended to harm another person, either physically or psychologically.

There isn’t a simple reason to explain why someone behaves aggressively. However, we do know that there are characteristics of children, youth, their families and their environments that can either increase (risk factors) or decrease (protective factors) the likelihood that they will display aggressive behaviour.

Working to minimize risk factors and enhance protective factors can help reduce or eliminate aggressive behaviour.


Listen to find out:

  • Common causes of conflict and aggression
  • Steps on how to address conflict
  • Potential responses a youth worker can use to diffuse and manage conflict and aggression within a youth project.
  • Examples of good and bad ways on when to avoid aggressive behaviour.
  • How to avoid conflict among staff



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